Initiative Surf was founded in 2010 by Alex Espir.  Having worked for eight years as a higher-level surf coach through Europe and Central America, Alex founded Initiative to offer multiple services based around helping clients to improve their surfing.  Surf coaching and a belief in life-long learning lies at the core of Initiative Surf; Alex offers tailor-made programmes for clients, utilizing video analysis techniques, as well as specific, targeted, training for contest-level professional surfers and long-term youth development programmes.  Coaching is offered at various international locations to suit the requirements of the clients, whether to enhance a short duration surf leisure trip or to provide location and condition specific training to prepare junior level competitive surfers for an important contest.

To complement the surf coaching element of Initiative Surf, Alex also offers video production services, surf travel guiding services, organized surf trips and camps and chaperone services for junior surfers. Alex works alongside his wife, Ane.  Her awesome organisational skills helps with the running of every trip and camp. She is also an experienced coach, proficient behind the camera filming students and also cooks great meals.

The name “Initiative” was chosen for several reasons; Firstly, because of the belief that more surfers should take the initiative to improve their performance rather than falling in line with the unfounded perception that surf coaching is only for beginners or professionals.  There is always something that every surfer could be doing to surf better, at any level.  Secondly, Initiative Surf provides a fantastic platform for small-scale social initiatives.  Many of the locations that Alex coaches in can benefit enormously from the donation of surfing equipment to local surfers to help them surf to their full potential.



Alex is a higher-level surf coach with a decade of experience.  Since the age of eighteen he has travelled, surfed and worked across sixteen different countries and all four major oceans.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) in Surf Science and Technology, and a Masters degree in Applied Marine Science.  He qualified as a Level 4 coach, the highest level possible, with the British Surf Association in 2006, and as a current NARS Beach Lifeguard and Advanced First Aider since 2001.
For the past three and a half years Alex has split his time between bases in Central America, the USA and Europe.

Ane is from Costa Rica, she too is a life long surfer and spent most of her formative years living within a few metres of the Costa Rican coastline. Ane has a degree in Hotel Management and tourism and has worked in this field throughout Costa Rica. She is the organizational engine behind Initiative Surf, she is great with a video camera and has been working along side Alex as assistant coach for a few years. When she is not ripping apart Costarican beachbreaks, she  travels extensively with Alex on their various trips around the globe.