Alex not only understands surfing, he understands the teaching of surfing, and that makes a big difference to your progress. He ensures you have the right goals on a wave, and gives you the technique to make the right maneuvers and the state of mind to make the correct decisions. From video analysis to being in the water with you his coaching ensures you improve as quickly as possible. His knowledge of Central American, Caribbean, European, and north-eastern US breaks is outstanding too. In a sport you may have thought was very tough to coach, you will be impressed at what a difference he will make at any level of surfer
Cal W (NYC), Client/Surfer
I must admit, I did have some reservations about sending my 14year old son down to Costa Rica to work with Alex and Initiative Surf for an extended stay ,however, I soon realized that this experience was instrumental in making him reach his true surfing potential! All aspects of competitive surfing are covered from running mock heats, discussing heat strategy to intensive video training and analysis. Not only has this program helped my son with advancing his surfing to a whole new level, but it has also made him grow into a responsible and successful young man in many other aspects of his life. Alex and Initiative Surf truly delivered!
Jason and Debby Brownell (St Augustine, Florida), Parents
Initiative surf is the definition of high performance coaching and Alex Espir instinctively knows how to get the best from the young surfers in his care. He provides the complete package which enables a surfer to shred! Thanks Alex for an experience of a lifetime in Costa Rica!
Sue and Liam Murray (Cornwall, UK), Mother and Student