“But I can already surf” is a phrase that is used far too often by surfers when the topic of surf coaching is raised with them.  What Initiative Surf is interested in is surfing well, because enjoyment comes from surfing to the best of your ability, and in continually improving your ability.

The best way to do that is with the assistance of an experienced coach who can provide targeted, technique specific, drills and exercises and utilize tools such as video analysis to drive learning.  There is no such stigma attached to receiving coaching in sports such as golf or tennis, and there is no reason why the same shouldn’t be true for surfing.  There is no shame in seeking to improve your abilities in a chosen pursuit.

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Currently, surf coaching is most prevalent at the two extreme ends of the surfing ability range; when first learning how to surf, and then at a competitive level.  The vast majority of surfers fall somewhere in between these two poles, and although many of them get by perfectly well, improvements in their surfing and enjoyment are slow and sporadic.  Initiative Surf offers high level, objective led coaching based on a wide base of experience to surfers of any experience.  Over the course of his career Alex has taught countless clients how to surf, worked with intermediate level surfers to improve their technique, and coached competitive junior surfers in contest surfing techniques and tactics.